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Don't Jinx It

1 January
She moves like breath across bone
a subtle change, a lying wind
what are the secrets for?
what are the monsters she steals?

queen of what is kept
my silence consumes you
and of your voice in the bones
not a whisper is left.

Mors ultima linea rerum est
~ Snap
a perfect circle, active pacifism, amanda palmer, arch enemy, avoiding fights, bathory, being covered in paint, blondes apparently, blood rayne, boys! gorgeous ex-girlfriends, britney and christina sometimes!, buffy, cassie hack's hotness, children of bodom, clubbing, cock rock, comic books, concerts, dimmu borgir, drawing, drinking, egypt, emilie autumn's new stuff, emma frost/wonder woman, escapades, festivals, finntroll, geeeeeeek, geekage, girls clothes on occasion, good comic book movies, goth rock, hack/slash, joss makes shinies, judas priest, lasso of truth, london town, long hair, lordi, lovely jubblies, makeup, manchester, maynard, mild-mannered secret identities, my peeps, opeth, painting, pantera, princess diana (the amazon), purple in all forms, puscifer, pyramid head, rasputina, real life heroes, red sonja, satanfather apparently, sci-fi tv shows, sex, silent hill, slayers and their skills, snapdragon, spock/kirk!, star trek, superheroes, switchblade symphony, tattoos, tea, the dresden dolls, tool, vic lane inc, video games, wolverine/deadpool/gambit = sexy sex, wonder woman, x-men