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All my stuff has arrived! It's brilliant. I can now say that I have officially moved to London. And managed to have a threesome in my bedroom before it was even filled with my stuff. Must be some kind of record.

Feel kind of weird and bad that I never learnt the name of one of the girls. What a guy I am. But, seriously, that doesn't feel all kinds of fucked up. Should at least learn a girl's name before bedding her.

I have my painting things beside me and my fingers itching to create. If only I knew what I wanted. Perhaps I'll just start on the canvas and see where I end up...
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A house! A house!
My eyeliner for a house!

But I already have one. A house and already lovely inhibitants. Victoria Lane has such a posh sound to it, don't you think?

My parents are even sending my stuff down today.

Rock on, kiddies.
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A Jinx-Update

Hola all of you Londonites out there. How goes you? I, myself, am being kicked out of home because Delilah wants her bedroom back. She has been fair enough to put up with me for this long, but we both need our space.

So I best start looking for a new place. I'll miss this house the people in it *puppy eyes* I think you're all brilliant.

I called my parents- seperatly- to tell them I was staying in London for good and could they perhaps send me some money but if they didn't it was alright because the other was already sending some. (Works a charm everytime. As soon as they hear I'm being given something by the other parent, they cough up too.)

This means very soon I'll have to do apartment hunting. Better enjoy Eden Court while I can.
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She still talks in her sleep. It was almost comforting when I realised she still did. But she mutters and whispers her way through bad dreams and sleeping in the same bed as her means I'm listening in.

Poor kid.

I'm not saying that it ain't rough the way it went with her and Christopher. Not that I can say much on him. Didn't ever really know the guy myself. Just knew they were mad for each other.

I don't think it was ever as much about her being scared to lose this Pierre guy, no matter if that's what she says. I don't think she even realised- til I made her realise- how much it was about her feeling like she was betraying him.

She's talking to Pierre. Good sign. Maybe she's willing to trade in her ghosts for flesh and blood.
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oh yes?

Hello world of Devil's friends.

I'm stalking her internet friends. And finding veeery interesting things and people. Hello Delilah's friends and sundry. (Is sundry actually a word?)

Anyhoot, Devil's asleep in her bed behind me so I'm using this as a chance to use her computer to playing with my livejournal (I feel retarded) and check out what porn Del has bookmarked. Sadly, nothing incriminating or unexpected. Although, that's not to say it's bad stuff.

Don't wanna wake her. She was up most of the night drinking with me but I think it hit her harder. She's in a rough patch, even if she'll get pissy as my for saying that here.

I'm Jinx by the way. When do I get to meet all you sexy people out there? I don't know how long I'm in the city for. I've already met the very sexy Lee. Gorgeous boy with the softest lips. Have you all felt this boy's lips? I suggest you do. And of course the sexy Ry and Lexie who live with Del. All so gorgeous. I'm in love with all the beauty in this house! I could happily live under the stairs.
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